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Since 1986, Rickabaugh Graphics has been creating successful and award-winning brands for numerous companies and celebrities including Hasbro Toys, Coca-Cola, Toyota, MGM, Clorox, The Limited, Hallmark, Billie Jean King, Mike Tyson and Jungle Jack Hanna. In addition, the firm has developed pro sports brands for clients such as the NFL, the NBA and Minor League Baseball. Over the last two and a half decades the company has also been applying this extensive branding expertise to the collegiate market. During this time they have become a respected leader in collegiate branding and their collegiate clients have included The Ohio State University, the University of Iowa, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Texas, Indiana University, Marquette University, Seton Hall University, North Carolina State University, Baylor University and many others. The company’s tremendous success in managing challenging rebranding processes has resulted in the studio handling the most difficult of projects. This has included building new brand images for schools with previous controversial or insensitive nicknames and also the design of unifying brands for new institutions created from collegiate consolidations. The studio's designs have been presented at The Smithsonian Institute and the subject of feature articles in numerous major design publications and web sites including HOW, Step,, Logo Lounge and Publish. The company has also been recognized in the United States and abroad by many design annuals including Graphis (Switzerland), Print Logo & Symbols, Logo Lounge, Great Sporting Graphics, New American Logo, CreateIT (United Kingdom) and Logo World (Japan).


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