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The environment during the consolidation of UT Brownsville and UT Pan American was quite contentious. Because of our abundant experience handling volatile situations, Rickabaugh Graphics was tasked with building a new athletic image for the resulting institution of UT Rio Grande Valley. Most importantly, our responsibilities included managing an inclusive process that would engage and reassure the stakeholders of both schools who were tremendously disappointed with the loss of their respective athletic brands. Our firm conducted numerous focus group studies and public forums where the feelings of the stakeholders could be heard and incorporated into the new brand. At our direction, and as just one effort to create solidarity, the new UTRGV colors were a clear combination of the previous school palettes. Additionally, the new nickname, Vaqueros, required that we craft a proud and dignified presentation in all of the graphics. In a further unifying effort, the graphics leaned heavily on the abundance of state pride in Texas... the “lone star” was incorporated into the typography and the shape of the state of Texas was hidden within the horse’s legs.  

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